The summer has been interesting.  Ups and downs.  Work has been busy.

I’ve found myself having some highs and some lows.  No extremes so, I’m thankful for that.  All within the “norm”.

Although far between, I’ve found encouragement and hope when needed.  One of my recent favorites is “…treat each day like it’s your last, like tomorrow will not come, say goodbye to yesterday…”.  Too often I forget the value of each day and all the potential that it holds.  I get caught up with work demands and think of time with my son as a commitment, not a gift.  I need to get things back into perspective.

Meds have been working well.  Received a letter about doing a trial for a new med.  Thought about it.  Thinking about it.  Not sure.  Maybe there’s something better.  The Celexa seems to be working quite well, though.  I’ve noticed as we enter Fall, my emotions are a bit more varied.  Last Spring – when I went through the intensive outpatient program – my doctor mentioned it may be seasonal.  We thought that as my lows seem to occur Spring and Fall.  Bummer.  Fall is my favorite season…

Hope you are all doing well.  Sending you my best.